1. To provide moral, physical, financial and accessorial assistance to the poor, old and infirm people and/or destitute, for the performance of the last rites of their deceased kin and thereby rovide such deceased an honorable funeral.
  2. To facilitate with Persons and accessories such as Freezer boxes, Funeral Van and such other accessories that are required in the performance of the last rites of any deceased person from the time of last breath to cremation or burial of the deceased as per their customs. Such accessories may be owned by the Trust or may be rented coordinating with the service providers of those accessories.
  3. To identify the relevant persons and coordinate with them and to ensure the completion of the last rites of the deceased.
  4. To construct a premise to facilitate the performance of the last rites for the departed soul as per their family customs.
  5. To enter into arrangements, agreements and to co-operate with any other association, institutions, societies or trust having objectives similar to this Trust.
  6. To provide basic education, render help, assistance whether in cash or kind to the poor, needy, orphan-students without discrimination of sex, caste, creed and language.
  7. To help, assist, and aid the deserving poor students of the rural areas, especially to the less-fortune and under-privileged and to educate such students by creating awareness of value-based and career-oriented education.
  8. To provide relief to the poor and in particular to help incapacitated persons in poor and destitute circumstances by giving money or in kind, free food and the like;
  9. To provide medical relief by giving free medicines, injections, tonic, food and the like and by giving help for medical treatment including payment of expenses for such medical treatment.
  10. To do all such things auxiliary and ancillary as may be necessary or conducive for the advancement of the objectives above mentioned.